Our client, Noble House Hawaiian Foods serves up delicious, authentic Hawaiian cuisine in Wichita KS. But one of their problems is that most people in Wichita aren’t familiar with that cuisine. So they reached out to us to help educate the community to the yummy delicacy known as the Hawaiian Plate Lunch.

We’ve been writing blogs detailing the history of Hawaiian Plate Lunches as well as descriptive articles about the individual dishes themselves, such as Katsu Chicken and Kalua Pork. We’ve then been pushing this content through various channels to help spread the word. These articles inform and educate the potential customers, as well as familarize them with the brand. Noble House has been delighted with the results so far and we’re happy with the delicious food we get to photograph and subsequently, eat!

If you need help with growing your audience or need high quality pictures of your product or food, feel free to contact us for a free consultation! We love meeting new people and making new friends! Plus we have all the tools you’ll need to grow your audience and your business!


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